anything anywhere

Archive the Internet

Build your own personal knowledgebase

Save Anything..

Articles, documents (yes, PDFs too!), videos, newsletters, social media links or whatever else you come across while surfing the internet

..From Anywhere

Using an extension, a mobile app, email, newsletters, rss feeds. Yes, you can read your newsletters and rss feeds from within Liste!


On the web, iOS, Android, Mac, Windows & Linux

Organize & Structure your way

Completely flexibility in organizing your workflow using nested tags, saved searches, reading queues etc

Offline & Archived copies

Liste automatically saves an offline copy to your device. Excellent when travelling, in transit and in the subway. We also archive the page for those times when the link disappears from the internet.

Calm, focused & clutter-free

Internet is a distraction-filled place. Read, Listen, Watch with a calm, focused and clutter-free experience

Your daily briefings

Saving a lot of content is easy. Finishing it is tough. Liste builds a personalized morning or evening briefing from your curated list. Power through your list in 15 mins a day

Automatic summarization

Not everything is worth reading. Read the quick summary to see if the article deserves your time.

Powerful search

Existing do-it-later solutions give just a barebones experience when it comes to filtering and sorting through your list. Liste gives your the whole 9 yards. Search based on pretty much any imagineable critera - author, title, publication, tags, date added, date published etc.

Launching Q3, 2022

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